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"How to Overcome Your Fear of Rejection"

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ake a look at the woman on your left. She’s hot, isn’t she? Now imagine walking up to her and asking her out on a date.

There she is across the room in front of you...  You look at her beautiful face and sexy hot body... and feel your manly desire for her... you also feel intimidated by her beauty... are you good enough for her? Will she reject you if you make a move?

And before you even have a chance to take another breath... you feel your chest tighten... your breathing constrict...

The anxiety grips you in the pit of your stomach... and your mind grows foggy as your fear of rejection completely overwhelms you...

Yes, Approaching a Hot Women is Challenging,
isn’t it?

The question is, why?

Why is it so difficult to approach a hot woman whom you obviously want?

The answer will fascinate you.

There are two reasons you feel fear when you try approaching a beautiful woman:

  1. You aren’t managing your emotional states correctly.
  2. You haven’t dealt with the pain of past rejection and negative experiences with women.

Let’s explore these two causes in more detail.

You aren’t Managing your Emotional States Correctly

Throughout your life, you feel many different emotional states. Sometimes you feel happy; sometimes you feel angry; sometimes you feel carefree; and when you are approaching a hot woman, you feel anxious.

The key to developing confidence when approaching a hot woman lies in effectively managing your emotional states – especially when the woman is standing right in front of you and you must make a move now or lose out forever.

So, how do you Manage your Emotional States more Effectively?

The answer will surprise you.

It’s all in your breathing.

A recent scientific study published in Psychophysiology Journal has established a link between how fast you breathe and what is known as heart rate variability (HRV).

Basically, heart rate variability measures how your pulse rate varies over a period of time. A normal, healthy heart has greater variability than an unhealthy heart.

What does Heart Rate Variability have to do with Meeting Hot Chicks?


Think about it; when you approach a beautiful woman, what do you do?

You’re nervous, so you either breathe too fast or hold your breath. Scientific studies have found that both those behaviours decrease heart rate variability.

And guess what?

A study published in Elsevier Science found that a decrease heart rate variability results in increased anxiety levels.

So this means that the anxiety you feel when approaching a woman is actually caused by either breathing too fast or holding your breath.

This Understanding Provides an Easy Solution.

All you need to do to feel calmer when approaching a hot woman is remember these two easy tasks:

  • First, make sure you are breathing
  • Second, breathe more slowly.

It’s that simple.

Here’s a simple exercise you can use to practice breathing correctly when approaching a beautiful woman. It is called the 4-2-6 Breathing Technique. It works like this:

  1. Inhale deeply through your nose for 4 seconds.
  2. Hold the breath for 2 seconds.
  3. Breathe out through your mouth for 6 seconds.
  4. If you feel out of breath, then sigh audibly on your next breath out.
  5. Repeat 10 times.

By breathing in this way, you eliminate anxiety and relax your body on a deep physiological level.

As a result, you feel much calmer – and more confident.

If you practice breathing like this before you approach a woman, then you will immediately feel a reduction in fear and a more balanced emotional state, which is ideal for flirting.

Next, let’s explore the second cause of that troublesome fear that you feel when you approach women.

Part #2

You haven’t Dealt with the Pain of Past Rejection and Negative Experiences with Women

Click here now to read Part #2

Destin Lucas

Destin Lucas

  Destin Lucas is a speaker, author and co-founder along with his wife Trei of Dawning Truth, a human potential research company.

  Author of "The Inner Secrets of Greatness", his engaging book unearths 42 of the most powerful success secrets in history -- revealing a simple, practical road map to personal power that has proven effective in the lives of individuals such as Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Mahatma Gandhi, and Albert Einstein.

  Destin is a certified NLP Master Practitioner specializing in Excellence Modeling.  He has read more than 6,000 books covering themes as diverse as psychology, engineering, history, big-ticket sales and account management.   Mr. Lucas is also versed in electrical engineering and computer science... a true "Renaissance Man"!


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  Destin and Trei live in South Africa, which is known for its spectacular natural beauty.


Scientific Information on Brainwaves

For many years scientists have been using electroencephalogram (EEG) machines to measure brainwave activity. From this research scientists have determined that our mental states are directly related to the brainwave frequencies we experience.

These brainwave frequencies have been divided into five major groupings, namely:

Delta (0.1 Hz to 4 Hz)

Delta Brainwaves

Delta brainwave frequencies are typically present in our brains when we are in deep sleep. Delta frequencies are also crucial for rejuvenating our physical body, and for physical healing.

Theta (4 Hz to 7 Hz)

Theta Brainwaves

Theta brainwave frequencies typically occur when first waking up in the morning and during daydreaming. Theta frequencies are useful for processing mental information, inspiring creativity, and developing intuition.

Alpha (7 Hz to 12 Hz)

Alpha Brainwaves

Alpha brainwaves typically occur when we are alert but relaxed. Alpha frequencies are very good for mental processing, and increasing intelligence. They are heavily used in the accelerated learning process for this reason. Some people have successfully raised their IQs using certain alpha frequencies.

Beta (12 Hz to 30 Hz)

Beta Brainwaves

Beta brainwave frequencies, typically occur when we are awake and alert. They are stimulated by drugs such as caffeine, which is why sports people often use caffeine as a supplement to increase physical energy. When beta frequencies exceed 18Hz we can start to feel jumpy and edgy. As the frequencies increase, we can start to become angry or panicky. Stress typically increases beta brainwave frequencies.

Gamma (30+ Hz)

Gamma Brainwaves

Gamma brainwave frequencies typically occur under conditions of extreme duress, such as shock or serious physical injury. A highly stressed person may have gamma brainwaves present if he or she isin a state of “freaking out” or is experiencing a breakdown. Strangely though, certain Gamma frequencies have been linked with enhanced concentration and memory improvement.